FestiArte 2008

So this past weekend we had FestiArte here in Playas de Tijuana. Lots of music, lots of wine and above it all lots of art.

Hell, there were four official stages with big sound, plus lots of oversized garden houses for people to sell their wares, scheduled shows by actor troupes and then some impromptu acts by visitors.

You could definitely get your art on.

Had totally forgotten about it though. Saturday went out with the little one so he could have some fun. Went to Mexico park to see around — once I had remembered about the event — then went down to the beach to play in the sand. Kid had a good time… he’s not afraid of the sea anymore.

Had a good time.

I was talking about FestiArte, right. Truth be told, I didn’t actually get to see that much on Saturday, what with the kid scaring pigeons and watching a band play from behind the stage. When I went back later in the day, only got to see this Arabian dance act start up in the main stage, DJ Torquemada playing in another almost-empty stage, a band playing in the big stage (which was the farthest one away from the main area of stalls) and a woman singing in yet another stage. Lots of things going on at the same time but I wasn’t really connected to any of them. Went home.

Went again Sunday night after work to see people beginning to leave, *sigh*. The last band to play on the big stage was called Quema Madera. These guys are good, with the vocalist managing to keep a small crowd entertained and pulling a few hearty laughs out of everyone there.

But like in everything there were a few negative things. The sound in some of the stages sounded like crap, with blown out speakers being forced too much, the aforementioned “lots of stuff going on at the same time”, which implies some lack of organization when scheduling events, and overpriced food. Specially the food, which would be my biggest complain. A pitiful cup of horchata? 15 pesos. A very small plate of lukewarm spaghetti? 25 pesos. The more worthy food was 50 pesos and up, and then in small servings as well.

When I go to these things I expect to be fed very well and very cheaply. It was not to be this time. Went to el Centro and gorged on adobada tacos.

All in all, this was a smashing success when compared to other artsy events I’ve seen here in Tijuana. Particularly successful was a girl in black lingerie and a bright purple wig on Sunday night. Could definitely use more successes like her.