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I just noticed Gengo fucks up the permalinks for any comment left on the site.

When you — the visitor — leave a comment you get a “Not Found” error immediately after leaving the comment. Plus, when clicking on a comment link on the sidebar you get the same thing. The original link (which you can see on your status bar) is

When you click on it, WP and Gengo do their stuff and you get

But the real URL being linked to should be

I’m thinking it’s got something to do with incompatibilities between WP 2.7 and Gengo 2.5.3; this issue certainly wasn’t there before I upgraded. Perhaps a quick fix to .htaccess can fix this, but the real solution is to change the code in Gengo itself.

It’s getting annoying, this Gengo crap… I’ve given it it’s very own category now.



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  1. Tried mucking with rewrite rules but they don’t seem to have any effect other than breaking comment links. Looks like Gengo changes the URL after mod_rewrite is able to get anything done, so that’s that. A real solution will have to come by changing the Gengo codebase itself.

    I did notice other Gengo sites using WP 2.7 are affected by this bug as well.

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