Fabulosos Cadillacs

This past Friday the Fabulosos Cadillacs came to Tijuana. Even though the place didn’t fill up — I thought it would — the ambiance was great and I’m sure all those who went had a good time.

Because of the economy I got a ticket for $440 pesos. When I got to the Estadio Caliente and saw how the stands were organized I lamented my choice because it’s pretty big:

From where I was sitting I wouldn’t get to see anything, so when people got a bit unruly to get down to the bottom I had my chance to get down there. I do apologize to those who bought tickets for $550 pesos. There were a few impatient ones who ended up hurting themselves (picture three in the Frontera.info gallery) and probably didn’t get to see the concert at all.

Once down there I managed to get to the second row in front of the stage by shoving, kneeing and elbowing my way there. A hard labor that gave me good results you can see on my Flickr account. I uploaded the panoramic picture as well.

There are also tons of videos to be found on YouTube. I’m editing mine to turn down the volume a bit; I was in front of the loudspeaker tower so the audio is hideous at times. For now I’ve already uploaded one:

I’ll upload another two during the week, which you’ll be able to see in my YouTube account :)

The Good:

  • A lot of porta-potties, which a lot of people were thankful for.
  • Lots of food, if you were hungry.
  • Lots of parking. I wouldn’t know if it was expensive or not, I don’t have a car xD

The Bad:

  • Horrendous security. Some asshole could have introduced a gun and the security personnel wouldn’t have even realized it until it was too late.
  • The Cadillacs began playing at 22:15. The damn ticket said the concert would begin at 20:00.

So there was more good stuff than bad. It was a good night to sing as loud as you could.