Burrito with wage theft, retaliation, and extra employer abuse

Chipotle won’t follow labor laws unless workers force them to do so. There’s no excuse for believing Chipotle’s denials on this subject (the company called the city’s complaint a “dramatic overreach” from which Chipotle vows to “vigorously defend itself”). The complaint lists 599,693 violations — in one city, in a two-year period. That’s an enormous number. Chipotle’s slogan might be “food with integrity,” but its business model is about dishonesty, disrespect, and downright endangerment of workers.

Source: Chipotle Is a Criminal Enterprise Built on Exploitation

Don’t forget when Chipotle voluntarily joined the e-verify program so they could then fire all of their undocumented workers and not pay them the wages they worked for, nor make valid any benefits they accrued.