Over the weekend

Last Friday we had Naza Space Circus here in Tijuana. Loads of fun, during which I met a special girl who managed to get me into a creative mood. Which itself is extremely strange, as I haven’t got an ounce of creativity in my bones. But manage she did, much to our shared enjoyment.

Got to the Hipodromo at 20:00 sharp, then didn’t get home until 08:00 Saturday morning. That would be the first time I haven’t gotten home before 3am; hell, that would make it the first time I haven’t gotten home at all. Now I see the part in me which had been clamoring to be released: the Party Animal. I won’t get released, it’s too expensive to be one, what with the economy about to go vertical on our asses.

Such fun…

Saturday spent it with the kid. I envy his hair, he’s such a star. Too bad he’s not getting everything he deserves, including a good education. Even though it hurts to say no to him when I see him so few hours every week, it’s got to be done. I want him to be a great human being.

Then on Sunday ZeroSoul got a bit of x2x goodness going, with six monitors on three computers controlled with a single mouse and keyboard. It’s some of the niftiest stuff I’ve seen in a while. It’s comparable to Synergy, but done over SSH.

So mostly I’m writing this up to actually remember it in the future, as I’m apt to forget all this in the near future.