I was going to put here a full translation of my rant about slotMusic, that new misbegotten product shit out by SanDisk and the Big Labels, but it’d would be a bit redundant given the reactions throughout the blogosphere; so I’ll just list out the more salient points:

  • Big Labels refuse to accept the way people listen to music. Myself I prefer bits to atoms.
  • Here in Mexico the initiative will be an utter failure, because of costs to the user. I give an example in my original post, about a calafiero looking into slotMusic and telling the format to fuck off.
  • I’m done carrying music in binders, with the risk of getting robbed when I take it out to switch the damn little MicroSD cards on my device.
  • Big Labels are the internet’s laughingstock and are just zombified shells of their former selves.
  • We need a lossless alternative to the mp3 format, like FLAC.
  • Putting this out during the end of an economic era, during which the common consumer barely manages to have enough money to eat, takes cojones.
  • If the MicroSD cards are cheap enough, it might be cheaper to buy an album, delete the music and then use the card on your cellphone or digital camera.

All in all, an inferior product, compared to what is already out there.