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Well… it’s been about three weeks since I stopped working at Telvista. Mostly it was a good job regardless of what the comments in this and other blogs tell. For me it was a good job.

I freely admit toward the end I wasn’t keeping up to the company’s expectations… But from my point of view the company failed to keep my expectations: back when I was on night shift we were told our team’s working night would be reduced from 8 hours nightly to 7 hours.

Nothing otherworldly given the line of work. Problem was the message got to us a week late and the company dragged its feet paying us for those hours we did work, just like it’s supposed to.

This problem was resolved but it affected the team’s morale in an extremely negative way. Even after working there for one and a half years I had faith in the company.

You could call me naive but this line of work requires you to have faith in yourself and to trust your superiors will value your work. This conflict broke that trust apart. Months after this happened I was sent back I moved back to the morning shift I began to experience a rash of problems that would cause me to leave. I mean, entire weeks passed in which my supervisor didn’t even talk to me. I don’t know if it was because he was angry at me for something — he says he isn’t — but being adrift about procedure changes and even about your free day doesn’t help at all.

Now I’m another place where I expect to learn a lot of new things and the work load is constant but not stressful. Should be enough to say most of the people working there have worked at Telvista at some point or another :P

The best thing? I’m now able to see the ocean, instead of being hidden away in a basement.


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