Fresh E-NEWS, including HTML

For those who know how to make webpages the source code below is going to look pretty stupid. For those who don’t know how to make pages the code is a demonstration on how to not make pages

Codigo fuente de la pagina en toda su gloria

Done laughing? Good… for the that source is for a frame to be displayed on the page. The final result is below

Codigo fuente de la pagina en toda su gloria

Don’t those two scrollbars rock your world? They da shiznit.

The really cool part is if I tell the people in charge of the page I could get fired for looking at things they don’t want me looking at :P

2 thoughts on “Fresh E-NEWS, including HTML”

  1. i really like the part where you say that if you tell them you could get fired. LOL yeah like you are that important, you are nothing in that company. So tell me MR. Wizard you think you have a lot of knowledge? then answer the next question, how come the IT guys earn 6.7 times more than you do? you want to know why? because you are NOTHING, because if you were that smart(i’m not just referring to technical knowledge)you would be in a better place, so please, please ,please change your mentality you are getting no where.

  2. Mr. Tombstone: Those are fighting words. I’m not complaining about how much the IT people earn. I’m complaining about the way they decided to setup that specific intranet site — which hasn’t been updated, by the way — and how it reflects on the quality of the rest of the intranet.

    Now, I don’t think I am NOTHING, like you say. I know most of us agents know we’re not high up in the food chain. I’m sure they’ll agree with me in thinking we are not NOTHING. But hey, it’s supposed to be a free country so you can think whatever you want.

    You want to know the real reason for thi post? It’s because I got tired of being held to a high standard of quality by people who themselves could care less about the standards they enforce on us agents.

    The Workforce department is supposed to only hire people who have something great to provide to the company. If code like it is the best they’ve got, then too bad for the company.

    Like most agents, I work at Telvista because

    • The pay is good
    • The benefits are good
    • You can meet some really great people

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