Mr. Potter

I read all seven books in English, I’ve read six in Spanish and I’m waiting for the seventh one to get the official translation to read it too. Yes, I’ve read about the unofficial translation but I’m not really interested in it. I have this urge to go and buy the hardcover editions new and have them looking nice and pretty on my bookcase… but I’m going to look for them at swapmeets and bazaars so they’re cheaper. My days carrying books everywhere are long over so I better buy something that supports PDF files ;)

*sigh*… now I have post-Potter depression.

Now I’ve gotta go back to reality and carry my laptop around to do stuff I was supposed to finish a while ago; plus it’s annoying to delete files on the workplace intranet to make room for a PDF file. I don’t quite understand why someone would want gigabyte upon gigabyte of music/videos/personal files on a network that is very explicit in banning them. PDF files are in gray territory… no problems to be had as long as people do what they’re supposed to do when they’re supposed to and they do it well.

People who don’t read more than two books a year don’t really understand what it really is to burn through a 650 page book in less than 10 hours and enjoy it. Noesh knows what I mean because little Liam doesn’t let her finish Diablo Guardian in peace :P

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  1. I’m wishing a nice finish for Harry Potter, he kills u and puts his “magic sticker” on your ass… C’mon, grow damn geek!!!

    Hahahaha I’m waiting all the movies for see the first, i preffer read but i don’t gonna waste some trees for that :P

    PD: What version is more gay? Spanish, english or 1337?

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