Patito y Tranquille

For my birthday I gave myself a new computer :D not bad eh. Thx pa for helping out and thanks noesh for taking it.

There is no more waiting 10 minutes for the computer to boot up nor disabling services to lighten load on RAM. Now I’m free from a big swap file and a BIOS that won’t take hard drives bigger than 7GB.

Software like Firefox, The GIMP and Winamp are actually usable now. Linux has space to live now. Dammit, now I’ll even be able to have more than 4 programs open at the same time besides gaim and mIRC.

I saw it on MercadoLibre. I had doubts – payment and delivery issues – but that PCIe 16x slot clinched it. The delivery took longer than expected but that’s not the seller’s fault.

Once again I’ve got a nice computer coupled with a nice tube.

Welcome Tranquille.