Those Macinteltosh guys

Today we began training for the new Macintosh tech support group. It was an utter mess, from there being no cables to plug the training room’s projector to the “official inauguration” of the group. But everything worked out at the end and with a bit of luck and hard work we hope to get more positions open sometime in the future.

It was made clear to all of us that one single fuck-up and we get busted back to PC, so the infamous PC/Mac division has already begun. The bad mouths are already on the loose and there will be those who said “I could get in but I didn’t want to”. Right… like no one wants to work less and earn more since the OS is more stable and with less deviation. This means the call is shorter and quality and general metrics go up:

Less AHT + Better QA + better metrics = More bonuses = Better pay.

Why someone would not want to take home a bigger paycheck seems to be beyond me so I’ll let it rest. A new interval is beginning at work and I’m pretty happy about it. I’ve attended Mac calls before and usually you don’t have to deal with a mad caller trying to have a tech sent to fix his blaster infected computer :P

With that said I must write that this tech support thing is not for everyone. Even though we’ll be dealing with the OS that’s “in” right now we’re still working. I write this for those who are asking themselves if Telvista is a good place to work at. For me it is a good place. I’m entertained, I learn and I earn good money while doing something that doesn’t sink me in boredom and laziness.

It’s not a job for everyone. There are people who do it because they like it and others who do it for the cash. Like every workplace there are good comments and bad comments about it; at least you don’t “get quit” after three months because they’re not willing to give you benefits.

I’m support for Macinteltosh. I’ve learned DSL and DUN in both English and Spanish. Let’s see what’s next.