Good half year

gawdam, how quickly time goes by. It’s already the middle of the year… but hey, all is good.

thank you for calling the V Tech Support…
In all fronts, it’s all good…

Give me a second while I pull up some information
Ok, this was all in Spanish, so you don’t know it, but i’m woking at Telvista, which is a call center. It’s a good place really. Ever since starting training about a month ago everything went rather well. To my surprise most of the people in the training class knew what we were up against. The best part? Most of’em are gamers.

ok, let me make a recap of what you tell me the problem is
It’s been about two weeks since starting training bay. What we do there is to take real calls. There are no practice runs – we wish – or anything like that. It’s the real deal, people calling V to get help with their problems.

right now what I’m going to do is run a test on the line
Getting real calls means fixing real problems. In my case, my first call was a customer that wanted to cancel services… but wanted to keep some e-mail addresses. I gave him the information needed, customer went off still wanting to cancel service, but with the certainty that her main concern – the e-mail stuff – could be resolved. But who resolved the emptiness I felt when that first call connected? No wonder there are people who throw up, cry, faint or run away.

Let’s check that everything is properly connected
Being training, our stats aren’t measured the same way as everyone else. We have more leeway to develop and give better service while at the same time doing it faster. Live or die by the sacred Average Handling Time.

Let’s press the reset button for 30 seconds
Since we live or die by the AHT… why do I get all the calls where one problem was solved another rears its ugly head? Even before beginning training I said I’d get all the customers that don’t know anything about computers, customers that are always screaming off their heads and customers who take 5 minutes to find the ‘Start’ button in windows.

Let’s type the following for the username
The good thing is I’m getting better all the time. Now all they need to do is fix the internal network :P it just isn’t good when the one page you do need doesn’t load.

then type the following for the password
I’ve asked around, and they tell me a restructuring is coming. What I think is going to happen is they – that’s the IT dept – will move everything around without putting real order. *sigh*You don’t know your username and password?

after all troubleshooting is done: It seems there is a problem with your computer…
There have been a few times when I’ve told this to people and they just hang up. Is it so hard to admit you put in a Sony-BMG cd in the computer and it installed spyware? grrr

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