Miren la sangre correr

Pues… escribi un pequeño articulo y lo subi a Kuro5hin.org

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Esta en ingles… pero se los pongo aqui por si no llega a ver la luz del dia:

Another chapter in the uneasy history of United States-Mexico politics

The weekend of January 4 and 5, executives at the Maria Isabel Sheraton Hotel, located in Mexico City, ordered the expulsion of a group of guests of Cuban origin. Citing the Helms-Burton law, the Treasury Department made a request to Starwood Hotels, which is the owner of the Sheraton chain to expel them. The hotel also kept a sum of money amounting to 3 days’ deposit, and to my knowledge, has not given it back.

The Cuban guests were in Mexico to attend a meeting organized by the United States-Cuba Trade Association. They say they didn’t break any US, Mexican or Cuban law. After their expulsion from the Sheraton hotel, the meeting was resumed in another hotel. Previously there had been more meetings of the sort, some of them being at other Sheraton locations, that went on without any problems.

This wouldn’t be much news – and it is Big News in Latin America – if it had happened inside US territory. But all of the parties involved where in Mexico country at the time of the events; so it’s a pretty weak situation for the US to make such a request without consulting with the mexican government first. For most people in the world this is a familiar story: The United States influences x country to obtain y result and further z objective. But this time all it managed to do is alienate Mexico even more. Venezuela is making this another example of US ‘imperialism’ and is asking latin countries to extricate themselves from the path the US has set them on. He is also threatening to shut down refineries belonging to US interests in Venezuela.

Cuba is, of course, complaining about the situation, while urging US companies to lobby their government to break the embargo that has beset their country. It should be mentioned that oil deposits have been discovered in Cuban waters and that no US company has reached any agreement with Cuba.

The head of the secretary of foreign relations, Luis Ernesto Derbez, says that Washington did not break any Mexican laws. Vicente Fox is waiting for this to blow over. The presidential candidates – it is an election year – mostly agree that Derbez has mostly been a puppet for US interests, and that his foreign policies are a mess. In the opinion of most mexicans, the US did break previous agreements to not interfere with national policy, and the opinion is it will happen again with worse results.

Given the current political climate in both coutries and the coming elections, it will have an adverse effect on the single most troublesome issue between them: immigration.

As of late, actions by the United States government are not to the liking of anyone except the government itself. Mexico is feeling like the US’ backyard, where it may operate without following the laws and doing whatever it pleases. If the mexican government doesn’t do what it wants, it gets punished like a little boy.

While this is going on, more and more people cross the border everyday illegally to find better work and make a better life for themselves and those they leave behind. Without a coherent immigration policy, this is a situation with will reach a critical point soon, with the volume of people growing to unmanageable levels. Some would say that it is already unmanageable, and that the Border Patrol is fighting a battle it lost long ago. To further close the borders only makes people to cross using more dangerous routes, and for traffickers to use novel methods to cross undetected.

The relation between Mexico and the United States is in a low point, and it reflects what is happening around the world. Something is going to break and I have a feeling that it isn’t the world that gives in.

Eso es el articulo. Esta un poco corto y tuve que dejar fuera algunas cosas que queria poner, pero hacerlo solo haria el asunto mas complicado. No creo que al articulo le haga muchos cambios, y si le hago cambios, seran leves.

A ver que pasa… hasta siento raro por que nunca me habia animado a hacer algo asi.

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