Working as a big V tech has been a good experience overall. Nice people, nice pay, nice benefits.

At this point about the only thing I can complain about now is them. The ones on the other side of the line. It’s just amazing the variety of problems callers expect you to resolve, ranging from the expected (Can’t connect to the internet) to the inane (Last time I called, you broke my C drive and now I can’t access it) to the just plain stupid(Uh, I know my computer got infected by a virus with your DSL. Send a tech out to fix it! Now!). Such are the calls, and with all of them, we have to hold up to quality standards.

It is this adherence to quality which has made Telvista the highest rated call center out of all the ones that are contracted by big V. We don’t go through a month of training for nothing. I can tell the difference just by calling any other company’s tech support.

I wish I had any idea of what other tech support agents have to go through before even taking a call from a real customer. That goes specially at you, ‘linksystem’ agents. Just plugging and unplugging the router from the dsl modem does not mean there is a problem with the customer’s connection. Many times we – agents from Telvista – end up configuring the router because if we transfer someone to you, you bounce him/her back to us almost immediately saying there is a problem with the connection.

There is still hope, however. Every agent has his success stories as well. From the blind guy who installed his DSL in 15 minutes(my supervisor) to that disabled 90 year old lady who had it going in 20 minutes all the way from filters to a configured WiFi(myself) to every single customer who has the gumption to follow the instructions and set everything up without calling in to be hand-held through it.

Fortunately for me, the balance at the end of the day is positive. Most people have their problems fixed and their questions answered at the end of the call. Those who don’t have at least an idea of when and how it might be fixed if there isn’t an immediate solution. Got a billing question? Well, that’s what transfers are for.

Of course, that’s if they don’t call to yell at us saying we suck. Those people can go to hell.