On the corner (by nullrend)

I like to go out and just… Watch. Alone, as I don’t have anyone by my side any longer.

How everyone comes and goes. Listen to conversations unhindered and unnoticed. To be that perfect stranger, never to be seen again.

I’ll move a bit every now and then; apparently uninterested; apparently not paying any attention to my surroundings.

People just aren’t aware of their surroundings anymore. Cellphones, PMPs, gaming consoles… All of them conspiring for you to be drawn away from what is right next to you. You could be on another place for all you care.

Listening to music can shift the experience though. That lady with the big hair? Fan of Madonna back in the eighties, now hates her; that dude with the manicure? Gets annoyed when Amandititita is on the radio, would rather listen to some Sevendust. The walk home when the sun is setting? Yann Tiersen is the guy to listen to.

Always watching, when you think I’m not. Stop looking for me, and you’ll find me.