Karmic Koala

All in all, a good update, with only a few issues here and here. Except for sound. Dear gods, the more I deal with the piece of screwmotherfucking shit that is PulseAudio, the more I hate it. Perhaps PulseAudio isn’t the one to blame, but Canonical’s implementation of it certainly sucks zebra donkey’s balls.

I am seriously contemplating migrating over to Debian just to avoid having to fight my way to a decent system configuration. This is something that happens every single release.

Seriously, they fucking nerfed volume controls this time around. There is only a single control for Master this time around. You say you want more controls? You’re SOL. You’ll have to use good ol’ alsamixer to set volumes for Master, PCM, headphones, etc, separately.

So much for ease of use.