Today, 2010 June 22

Got up early to go to Zócalo and watch la Selección lose to Uruguay.

Met a German girl during the game.

Took her to La Merced to eat quesadillas.

Then took her to Centro to eat tostadas.

Then took her to Donceles to see books. Her eyes shined.

Went to the airport to pick up a newly-arrived friend of hers.

Then went to Central Camionera del Norte to send a shipment. I’ll be taking care of that.

Quick run to Bellas Artes for camote a la leña (with lechera, obviously), and a churro filled with cajeta. Didn’t see any tamaleros around though.

Back to Central del Norte; they would go on to Oaxaca, I would stay here.

Need to learn German…