Being healthy is the shit

Today is the first night when I actually feel healthy enough to think. I was sick for eight days with whatever strain of the flu that’s making the rounds right now and lemme tell ya, it put me on my ass for six of those days and it was not fun at all.

It started as the usual on a Tuesday— scratchy throat, hot flashes, sweats; unfortunately for me I had drunk a fair bit the night before so most of these symptoms were hidden away behind the hangover. By the time I realized what was actually going on it was too late. Missed work at both SysadminJerb and merBOHjob but at least I didn’t get anyone sick.

The next few days I actually got a migraine from sleeping so much. Started on Thursday and went away on Sunday night. On Monday I was functional but I still wasn’t feeling up to 100%.

But today! Today I could actually watch a show on the telly and follow along without feeling like it left me behind to take remedial notes.