The GM put in his 30 day notice at tKitchenJob. That means they (we) will need a new GM. I believe I would be good at it. Yes in the beginning I would totally fucken suck at it… But I care about the place and I want it to be around for another ten years. I want it to be great. I want it to be the best.

At merBOHjob the KM sat down with me. He got dropped a bombshell: We have until September to come up with a new menu. They (as in “Company execs) were cagey about” when” in September, so we’re going with September 1st. There are limiters at work; first and foremost: People who are Not Cooks will cook the food. And execution is everything.

Picked up a bartender gig at rbFOHjob. The bar manager knows I am baby bartender but has told me to be patient and pay attention. This place is a shitshow but he has been able to make it move. Doesn’t really matter whether it moves forward or not… As long as you keep moving.

I am trying to figure out a time to interview in person at [popular bar in North Loop]. I don’t think this will go anywhere as they want me to start as something other than a server, yet they are hiring servers. I’ll just go collect intel and call it a day.

I will apply to the GM job at tKitchenJob. I would love to get the job but I’m pretty sure I’ll be told I’m not “what they’re looking for”. I’ll put in my two weeks if they say no. I kept telling family “While everyone else throws in their hat, I’ll throw me knife. Even if I don’t win everyone else will be one finger short”.

I’ll work on the menu thing. This will let me learn things in general. Need to learn things. MUST LEARN NEW THINGS.

At rbFOHjob… I’ll stick around, see what happens. Worse that can happen is I barback for everyone. Given what happened last shift… Guests will tell managers to make me a bartender. Can’t lose anything but the job.