Long day today. Been a while since posting and I thought I’d try something different. Just quick blurbs about my day. Right now I have two jobs; cook at tKitchenJob, and wait assistant at bFOHjob.

No, I’m not posting the real names.

Anyway, worked lunch service at tKitchenJob and it was… Odd. Just a bad pace to the tickets coming in. The guy working hot side really had a bad time of it. It was okay for me cos I could keep prepping but… Still, just a bad pace all around.

Then we have bFOHjob. AGM texted asking me come in earlier so I hauled ass to make it in time only to find everything already done. Then we did a special dinner for a a tequila maker aca bien popular and it was a lot of fun. The most fun I’ve had working there yet. Had a chance to try the tequilas and omfgatos they are so good. One of them is exclusive to bFOHjob and it is damn good. Yes, in bold.

Now I’m drinking at Devil’s Advocate, where, right now, seems to be ladies night. I’m two beers in and I’m getting sleepy.

Tomorrow is another double so can’t drink too much. It was a good day today. Hopefully it will be this way again.