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Reviving a forgotten draft: Ps que te borre y ya

* Noesh voltea <Noesh>Mi iTunes rulea xD una persona ya me reclamo que twitter no es para cantar” <Xeelee>Ps que te borre y ya. Al fin y al cabo es tu twitter. —- Recently I went through the same thing with someone else, via direct message because the person apparently is too much of a… Read more »

El hijo de puta se coge a la linda. La linda sufre y se coge al bueno. El bueno sufre y se coge a la fea. La fea no sufre y se coge a todos. — Vicmanol (@vicmanol) March 31, 2013

ThinkUp woes

All right, so I’ve got this instance of ThinkUp too keep a backup of sorts of my tweets. Everything was working quite nicely until I tried to upgrade the thing the new ThinkUp 2.x beta. Backed up the DB Backed up the files Setup the new files Connected new installation to the DB This is… Read more »

Isn’t she beautiful?

Mexico City, Ciudad de Mexico – national capital, and the 3rd-largest city in the world. — Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield) January 24, 2013

Lo que digo, lo que callo, lo que en realidad quería decir… — Ismael Cobayo Flores (@ReydelFeil) June 17, 2012

Recuerdo cuando Twitter era nada más para escribir lo que hacías, donde estabas y que comías. — José Jhacobson (@Jhacobson) June 10, 2012

Caí en cuenta que el más frecuente de mis pecados es el de desear a la mujer de mis prójimos (ya sus hermanas, sus primas, sus amigas…) — Humberto Peña (@enosis) August 15, 2009

No crean lo que la gente tuitea de mi, soy mucho peor. — Jorge Ascencio II  (@jorgeascencio2) May 23, 2012

Twitter, ese hermoso lugar donde un día linchan a un homofóbico y al otro hacen trending topic el hashtag #putito — Eduardo Salles (@sallesino) April 23, 2012

Samsung’s default signature needs some more information and a sales link.(Head nod to @thinkofthought) #spoof… — John Whittet (@basseq) April 19, 2012

Me acuesto, cierro los ojos, pienso en cualquier babosada y ¡PUUM! Insomnio… — Paola Náret (@_Naret) April 19, 2012

warbyparker: Whoa. The MLA has officially devised a standard format to cite tweets in an academic paper. Sign of the times.

You followed them for far too long.

Today on twitter, I saw seven people gang up on one, who committed the crime of unfollowing one of the ringleaders. It was a valid reason. Yet the aggression was there, unbidden. I didn’t see the worst of it, but it doesn’t feel right that people would have to watch their backs while out and… Read more »

Lest I Forget

Quick jaunt to Ensenada for #TwittENS and met K_lliTa duvahazard Rich_montero ElJoyC mechalady alex_escalante Last but not least is Adryx7, who got the thing going to begin with. It was a pleasure to finally meet you all!

Dear crackers from Iran: This is not how you earn the favor of the people outside your country. As far as most are concerned, you can now rot under your Islamic government’s heel. If it was someone aligned with government interests: Fuck you.

It was a blast. I need to get a car so I can actually go there more often. (Source:

[youtube] #twittposada #twittbc kicked ass, even though many people didn’t get there in the end. Perhaps next year… (Source:

Bill Gates

Just seen on twitter _Loops: A los 31 años, Bill Gates hizo su primer billón de dólares…si, si, mucha lana… pero a cuantas viejas se cogió para ese entonces? enosis: @Loops A muchas. Pagando, pero a muchas.