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Technological skill vs. Ego

The Phone Dragnet That Caught the World’s Top Drug Lord – Slashdot. Anatomy of an Apprehension: The Three Keys to Catching El Chapo Guzman. The first thing that popped into my mind was that most people purporting to be narcos will always use top of the line phones, usually iPhones. As cool as these things… Read more »

There have been a lot of advancements in HP printers since 1995. Unfortunately they have all been in the wrong direction. I hate HP printer software with every ounce of my being : sysadmin.

ignore the code: Crappy Computers

So the sentiment that «entry-level» computers are good enough for casual users is exactly backwards: casual users are the ones that need high-end computers, while proficient users are the ones who can work around the limitations of low-end computers. ignore the code: Crappy Computers. via Daring Fireball. The man puts into words something I’ve attempted… Read more »

It’s something you can never admit, even to yourself

It Never Gets Better – Why you should never buy a mediocre piece of technology expecting that it’ll be more amazing tomorrow than it is today. More often than not, though, gadgets don’t get better. They just get obsolete.

Please make this happen

A 12pt Font Should Be The Same Size Everywhere: Time to Get Serious About Resolution Independence. I thought I was missing something fundamental in my computer experience. Turns out I am missing it not because of a lack of knowledge on my part, but rather because no one thought to solve it once and for… Read more »

Agreed.A “gadgets off” policy means you will be paying attention to your surroundings. This means you will respond to them. Should there be an emergency, you may faintly remember the indications from the people working on the plane.When you don’t pay attention, you become the douchebag who doesn’t want to move because he’s too busy playing Angry Birds Space on an iPad. You become the idiot who is playing music so loudly through the headphones that everybody hears it.Having devices turned on through a flight offers people yet another chance to become assholes that get in other people’s way.

Opinion: Shutting down your gadgets at takeoff and landing: not such a bad idea

“I am here, simply put, to fix your shit. My job is not complete until said shit is fixed. Please just help me fix this shit. “

Things to consider when calling Tech Support…

Apparently Minneapolis falls around the middle of the clumsiest cities in the US (via After the Fall: The Economics of Shattered iPhones – Rohin Dhar – Business – The Atlantic) (Source: