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Apparently Minneapolis falls around the middle of the clumsiest cities in the US (via After the Fall: The Economics of Shattered iPhones – Rohin Dhar – Business – The Atlantic) (Source:

“Writer Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl once referred to the area as a “futuristic nowhere,” and that sums it up pretty well. It’s a nowhere all right, practically post-human in its complete sense of abandonment.”

Metrodome district: It’s utterly charmless, but it sports some distinctive art

minnpost: Yes, Uptown suffers from a personality crisis, but it’s also vibrant and undeniably walkable It’s caught between a low-rent, artsy McPunk past and an absurdly gentrified present. But Miriam Rudolph’s etchings, Dave Eggers’ drawings and two side-by-side windows beckon. A new column by the one and only Andy Sturdevant. (Source: