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THIS, godsdamnit, THIS

Using and Choosing a Mexican Mortar and Pestle | Rachel Laudan. I’m Mexican and I’m a cook. This is the first time someone explains what the rationale behind a molcajete’s design is, why the tool evolved like it did and how you should go about acquiring one for yourself. This is something they DO NOT… Read more »

Twitter / Cmdr_Hadfield: Mexico City, one of the largest metropolitan areas on Earth – housing roughly the same population as Australia.

The internet IS a series of tubes.

Submarine Cable Map 2013. I can find just four exit points for Mexico. Is it any wonder why latency goes to hell when you’re connecting from down there? The government needs to get its head out of its ass and pass a comprehensive set of laws that set free everything the DMCA and its ilk… Read more »

Culture and class in the quest for success

Annette Lareau, a sociologist at the University of Pennsylvania, argues that the affluent also enjoy an advocacy edge: parents are quicker to intervene when their children need help, while low-income families often feel intimidated and defer to school officials, a problem that would trail Melissa and Angelica in their journey through college. Poor Students Struggle… Read more »

He voted his own party out of office

Pero la venganza de Felipe Calderón fue descomunal. Cerró todas las vías legales e ilegales posibles para que llegara financiamiento a la señora Vázquez Mota —precipitando su derrota—, a la que también mandó al hospital. La fea enfermedad del poder que, según acapulqueños, ya también coquetea al presidente Peña Nieto. Al tiempo. El Universal –… Read more »

Desbloqueo de celulares conforme a la NOM-184-SCFI-2012 | León Felipe Sánchez

Desbloqueo de celulares conforme a la NOM-184-SCFI-2012 | León Felipe Sánchez. Apparently the Mexican government got its head out of its ass and implemented a requirement for cellular telephony users to be able to unlock their devices without any costs to the user, as long as contractual requirements are met. This is the tale of… Read more »

You know you’ve made it when…

Gay? Murderer? The Telenovela Life of Mexican President-Elect Enrique Peña Nieto. If Peña Nieto’s past is any indication of what the next six years of his presidency will be like, we better start popping the popcorn now. And maybe take a second look at our romantic Mexico weekend getaway plans. Surely there’s a safer place… Read more »

La política en México está limpia. Sí, de tanto que los altos funcionarios se lavan las manos. — Tely Tely Tely (@t3ly) June 13, 2012

La Caminata Nocturna

Illegal Border Crossing in Mexico – YouTube. “El parque EcoAlberto tiene una actividad única que no van a poder encontrar en otro lugar” “El Sueño Americano es regresar a México?” “Si” “Las peores criticas que hemos recibido, disculpen, pero es del estado, de nuestro estado de Hidalgo. Son ellos los que nos han dicho que… Read more »

Anoche me puse a buscar gente en Facebook… : mexico

En el trabajo se corrió el chisme de que una persona que laboraba aquí fue detenida por homicidio y por puro morbo (lo acepto) me puse a buscarlo en el Facebook. Después de curiosear un rato me puse a hacer lo mismo pero con nombres tomados de la nota roja de diversos diarios. Finalmente llegué… Read more »

Walmart, always the perfectionist. First with their supply chain, now with bribery.

During hours of questioning, Mr. Torres-Landa’s notes show, Mr. Cicero described how Wal-Mart de Mexico had perfected the art of bribery, then hidden it all with fraudulent accounting. Mr. Cicero implicated many of Wal-Mart de Mexico’s leaders, including its board chairman, its general counsel, its chief auditor and its top real estate executive. Imagine what… Read more »

Zonas para Paul McCartney en el Zócalo, el 10 de mayo

  Conociendo al DF yo creo que los VIP son los que alcanzan a ver, Plateas los que alcanzan a oír, y general los que ni ven, ni oyen, pero ahí están hechando desgorre a 3 cuadras..

Por qué nuestros candidatos a la presidencia son tan retrógradas con respecto a los derechos reproductivos? : mexico

Really long thread over at Reddit Mexico.

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