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This is what it’s like for a woman

I love (and hate) dating Russian men – I got this from @feministripper. She knows what’s up.

Tonight’s fucked up comment

He told me I was only allowed to be friends with white people, and if he saw me talking to any insert racial slur here, he’d dump me. Then he started talking about how he needed me to have his white children. He was Hispanic so I never really understood his logic on that one…. Read more »

Caí en cuenta que el más frecuente de mis pecados es el de desear a la mujer de mis prójimos (ya sus hermanas, sus primas, sus amigas…) — Humberto Peña (@enosis) August 15, 2009

El problema no es encontrar el amor de tu vida, el problema es que este te corresponda. mine didn’t, what about yours?  (via tellevoenelinsomnio)