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Break the cycle!

The ad-driven model sucks. It takes the power away from readers because individually you’re worth so little in the financial sense. It rewards bad behavior on the part of reporters. The PA Report – Ad-blockers, the games press, and why sexy cosplay galleries lead to better reporting.

Host it or Lose it

Do we step up attempts to archive these services, as the Internet Archive did with the 650GB of data from Geocities? Do we attempt to help distribute content across multiple services or self-hosted websites to try to mitigate the impact of any one of these services disappearing? online content producers timeline | D’Arcy Norman dot… Read more »

Them’s the breaks

Facebook Breaks Major Websites With Redirection Bug – Slashdot. Even though it will fight tooth and nail and tentacle to become your everything it’s time for everyone to stop using Facebook for everything.

The internet IS a series of tubes.

Submarine Cable Map 2013. I can find just four exit points for Mexico. Is it any wonder why latency goes to hell when you’re connecting from down there? The government needs to get its head out of its ass and pass a comprehensive set of laws that set free everything the DMCA and its ilk… Read more »

heyfunniest: THIS!! The internet is a vice. But it is a… heyfunniest:


The internet is a vice. But it is a cheaper vice than alcohol, cigarretes and drugs.

De un registrante terco

Registre este dominio a través de No es el registrar mas barato que hay, pero me pareció un buen lugar para registrar dominios por un buen precio y con un buen de extras; ademas comentarios y posts en varios foros de webmasters recomendaron esta compañía sobre otras. Entonces ya hace varios meses compre el… Read more »

Of stubborn registrar

I registered this domain through Not the cheapest registrar around, but they seemed like a good place to register domains for a good price for a good set of features, plus comments made in various webmaster forums recommended this company over other registrars. So a few months back I went ahead and got this… Read more »

Pinches modems 2wire

Ayer en la noche nos quedamos sin internet en casa (no sincronización entre módem y DSLAM). Le dije a noesh los pasos a seguir para tratar de arreglar el problema: Apagar módem y desconectar cable de teléfono. Mantenerlo así por 5 minutos. Usar otro cable telefónico para conectar el módem a la salida telefónica. Tratar… Read more »