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Doesn’t only apply to your twenties, I think

What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Enjoy Your 20′s – CollegeHumor Post. It’s all true.

This is what it’s like for a woman

I love (and hate) dating Russian men – I got this from @feministripper. She knows what’s up.

Wallowing in it, in a bad way

My work has taken me on visits to a lot of classes. The thing that I have noticed is that a poor person will have zero idea what to do with a 401K should they get one. A rich person will have no idea how to cash a check if they don’t have a bank… Read more »

TV, or gas, or water, or internet, pickup

BBC – Britain From Above – Stories – People – Tea-time Britain. I wonder if in Mexico we have the same sort of thing happening when La Novela ends. Electricity usage picking up when it starts, then dropping off massively when it’s done. I’m thinking it’d be a bigger impact on gas lines, but in… Read more »

Oh, the thirst

Reflecting on what the weekend used to mean to us in comparison to what it is now can be somewhat depressing for many. I believe this is why so many of us get slammered drunk on the weekends. Alcohol serves as a coping mechanism to block out memories of the greatness that used to be… Read more »

Año Nuevo

Tuve un Año Nuevo bastante peculiar, ya que pase casi toda la noche como el Dr. Adel Ortega de Bunsen: No se pueden ver aquí, pero las bolsas de basura están fuera de la toma, del lado derecho. Y si, esa es la puerta de una van policíaca en la foto. Todo por que tome… Read more »

New Year’s Day

I had a rather peculiar New Year’s Day, in that I spent most of the night like Dr. Adel Ortega of Bunsen: You can’t see them here, but the trash bags were off to the right. And yes, that is a police van sliding door you can see on the picture. Because I took some… Read more »