Wallowing in it, in a bad way

My work has taken me on visits to a lot of classes. The thing that I have noticed is that a poor person will have zero idea what to do with a 401K should they get one. A rich person will have no idea how to cash a check if they don’t have a bank account. It’s a completely different skillset with disparate goals and values and norms. It is definitely a different culture.

For example: You need to score some illicit drugs. How do you do that? Rich answer: Ask your assistant. Middle-class answer: Ask your teenager. Poor answer: Walk outside.

Why I Make Terrible Decisions, or, poverty thoughts.

I’ve been there. I can consider myself fortunate that I’ve been able to let go of most vices, most wants, and am able to go for long stretches of time without actual employment.

But a big part of that is thanks to the middle-class trappings of my lower-class life. I live in a house with a full kitchen, laundry room, all utilities; all for a ridiculously low price. Were I renting an apartment by myself, I’d be working two jobs just to be able to pay rent, nevermind having the time to cook at home and go to the movies every so often.

I am fortunate to know how people of all social walks have lived, having been exposed to all of them at least briefly throughout my life. I know how to deal with rich people without having them try to own me. I know how to interact with middle class people in a fair manner. I know how to hustle with the poor like one of them — I know I’m poor but I try to afford myself the luxury of not feeling poor. Feeling poor saps your body of energy, robs your mind of steel and your spirit of joy.

But I can attest to the knowledge that it is hard to look at the stars while your back is bent toward the ground.

On the internet, most are real people with fake identities. Others are fake people with real identities.

Which one would you rather be?

TV, or gas, or water, or internet, pickup

BBC – Britain From Above – Stories – People – Tea-time Britain.

I wonder if in Mexico we have the same sort of thing happening when La Novela ends. Electricity usage picking up when it starts, then dropping off massively when it’s done.

I’m thinking it’d be a bigger impact on gas lines, but in Mexico we keep tanks of gas at home, instead of getting them through a specialized pipe like it happens here in the US. Maybe water usage picks up too? People taking showers? What about internet usage?

Oh, the thirst

Reflecting on what the weekend used to mean to us in comparison to what it is now can be somewhat depressing for many. I believe this is why so many of us get slammered drunk on the weekends. Alcohol serves as a coping mechanism to block out memories of the greatness that used to be Friday & Saturday evenings. I’ve tried to stay home on a weekend and watch the malarkey that comes on currently and all I can say is… Stay thirsty, my friends.

via Things 90s Kids Realize « Thought Catalog.

Año Nuevo

Tuve un Año Nuevo bastante peculiar, ya que pase casi toda la noche como el Dr. Adel Ortega de Bunsen:

Feliz 2009! Atte. Adel Ortega

No se pueden ver aquí, pero las bolsas de basura están fuera de la toma, del lado derecho. Y si, esa es la puerta de una van policíaca en la foto.

The tambo at Zona Norte

Todo por que tome algunas fotos un pinche placa me dio una arrastrada y me mando echar al tambo. Sus trompañeros de la Zona me robaron mi iPod y en la madrugada me soltaron por la módica mordida de 150 pesos. Me pregunto lo que pasara el año que viene…

New Year’s Day

I had a rather peculiar New Year’s Day, in that I spent most of the night like Dr. Adel Ortega of Bunsen:

Feliz 2009! Atte. Adel Ortega

You can’t see them here, but the trash bags were off to the right. And yes, that is a police van sliding door you can see on the picture.

The tambo at Zona Norte

Because I took some pictures got manhandled and thrown in jail by an asshole cop, iPod stolen by his comrades in the Zona Norte, then paid 150 pesos in mordida. Wonder what’ll happen next year…


The weather was hellish a week back and a lot of people is uploading videos to YouTube to prove it. I’m just putting up a few in this post:

This one shows one of the crown jewels of the current local government, the Via Rapida, turning into a canal:

This other one is a collage of pictures:

Oh yeah, Don’t forget the sports fields on the Tijuana River canal!


I only see lots of dirty brownish water running in there.


Pues anda cabrón el clima últimamente y mucha gente anda subiendo videos a YouTube para demostrarlo. Aquí solo les pongo algunos de los vídeos mas llamativos:

Este muestra una de las joyas del gobierno actual, la recién renovada Vía Rápida, siendo devorada por las aguas:

Este otro es un collage de fotos:

Ah si, no se les olviden las famosas canchas!


Yo nomas veo harta agua mugrienta corriendo por ese cauce.