Extra! Extra! Fake news are real! Extra

In addition to doing more to weed out lies and false propaganda, Facebook could tweak its algorithm so that it does less to reinforce users’ existing beliefs, and more to present factual information. This may seem difficult, but perhaps the Silicon Valley billionaires who helped create this problem should take it on before setting out to colonize Mars.

Source: Mark Zuckerberg Is in Denial – The New York Times

El Zuckerberto wants all the money he can have so he can be on the third ship to Mars. The first one made it there, the second one brought all the toys, and the third is for the rich people who want off the planet.

At least on twitter it’s easy to look up and see what the others are talking about, even while mired in abuse.




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I hate you internet, I’m going to try Walmart instead!

I hate you laptop, I’m gonna try toasters instead

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I hate you tumblr, I’m gonna try Linux instead.

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