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rMBP down

MacBook Pro with Retina display: Problems in every dimension | 9to5Mac. Maybe Lenovo will also try to have these issues? They’re trying to outmac the Mac, after all.

This is how it all starts

Google backslides on federated instant messaging, on purpose? Powering Down Google Reader Breaking: Google Has Begun Purging Ad-Blocking Apps From The Play Store Shutting down CalDAV API access I’m personally affected by the shutdown of Reader and will keep an eye out for a replacement. Perhaps someone should tell the RSSOwl developers to work with… Read more »

Laughing all the way to the bank again.

First, a few links: The Real iPad 24 Hours With The iPad Mini: This Is The Real iPad Initial iPad mini stock selling out at various Apple Stores around the world Near record turnout for iPad mini in the Big Apple iPad mini review I tweeted this earlier: se acuerdan que le hacian burla al iPad por… Read more »

C’mon, now

I’ve been trying to get the damn Debian Wheezy installer to work via USB on a Thinkpad T60 for the past three days without any success. Sure, it works like a charm when put on a CD or a DVD and booting from there, but that is beside the point. I’ve tried various methods I’ve… Read more »

Linux Sound, or lack thereof

So there’s this article on the NYTimes about Ubuntu’s focus on reaching the Mainstream. It’s a pretty good read. But it won’t happen. Why, you ask? Because of sound. You know, the thing that your brain processes as auditory input. I won’t say much about it, since others have already said it far better than… Read more »