Meet the Flat White, the Coffee Drink Taking the U.S. by Storm – Bon Appétit

With a flat white, the star of the show is a very specific stratum of the steamed milk, the luscious microfoam that lies between the steamed milk below and the big bubbles of stiff foam above when a barista riles up a pitcher of milk with a steam wand.

Okay, yeah, I think I get it. But a whole lot of confusion would be resolved if shops had specific ways of making the drink and the baristas working there agree upon.

I didn’t have this at work, so guests would actively ask for a specific barista to make their drink. Sucks for everyone.


The Triumphant Rise of the Shitpic – The Awl

The second, more important shift is the new macro format that divorces text from image. Classic memes (jfc “classic memes” what are we doing) had text directly on the image, written in Impact font in a particular style—white with a black border.

Apparently we have classic memes now. Who knew?

From The Triumphant Rise of the Shitpic – The Awl.

Nine Years, now

The first registered post I have on a personal site would be this:

Dated November 11, 2005. This makes this blog nine years old. It has existed installed on a shared server, then archived and the domain hosted on my tumblr, then and then to two VPS boxes. There were other blogs before (one of them still online!), all from that same year.

Sometimes… I don’t really know why I bother, since I’m rather reluctant to tell people what I really think these days. It could be me mellowing out, it could be me just getting plain old.

But I digress. This will stay here for as long as I bother, and it is always good to have a space of one’s own that can’t just be deleted by a complaint. It’s one of the very few things that have remained with me across three lives.

This might just make it to ten years.

6 things I learned from riding in a Google Self-Driving Car – The Oatmeal

The unfortunate part of something this transformative is the inevitable, ardent stupidity which is going to erupt from the general public. Even if in a few years self-driving cars are proven to be ten times safer than human-operated cars, all it’s going to take is one tragic accident and the public is going to lose their minds. There will be outrage. There will be politicizing. There will be hashtags.
It’s going to suck.

The airline industry keeps reeling under onerous safety requirements, and the list keeps getting longer and longer and longer. This adds to cost, which the airlines then take out on us as they can barely stay profitable.

I’m not arguing for the wholesale elimination of safety requirements… but there has to be a balance so the airlines can profit while the population at large is actually able to afford traveling by air.

Will the safety requirements for self driving cars kill this nascent industry before it’s even born? After all, a car is far more personal than a plane. Technology will get there, soon. The problem is how much later society in developed countries will get there as well, followed — hopefully — not that much later by the rest of the world.

As for myself, I can’t wait.

WHY SPECIAL ORDERS DO UPSET US | Harvest America Ventures

When the board is jammed up with tickets and every item defined by abbreviations or acronyms, a cook does not have time to “think differently” about preparation and steps.

I have been bitten by this more than once. People just don’t realize how hard it is to override muscle memory when your mind is already three items ahead, specially when you’re already pushing 20 minute ticket times.

via WHY SPECIAL ORDERS DO UPSET US | Harvest America Ventures.

Your Waitress, Your Professor –

This, right here, is what many people are getting to be acutely aware of. They obtain more money working for the service industry (or any other kind of blue collar work) than in the much vaunted white-collar jobs that you’d drown yourself in debt to obtain… if you were able to obtain them.

I’m one of these people.

via The Bad Deal.

New Server

After much delay on my part, this website has moved to a brand new server that should be less troublesome. Bit more RAM, bit more disk space, and more modern monitoring.

Now all I have to do is make sure bloody Apache behaves the way it’s supposed to.

UPDATE: Which it didn’t at first. Asshole.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: The new Twenty Fifteen theme is all purty and minimalistic. I feel like such a hipster with it.

I will die alone, probably by my own hand. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like company, even if it’s only for a bit.

Then again, for the past few lifetimes I’ve been saying I’ll die when I want to

On cooking

Baking is science, but cooking is like sex.

What worked one time might not get you where you want it the next time. You use your experience to adjust, tweak & finesse. When you get it right you just know.

Sometimes you need things to be hot, hard and fast, sometimes you need it gentle and slow and easy.

It takes a lot of passion, and dedication, and patience.

When people like what you do, they tend to moan, and say "oh my god" a lot, and their eyes roll back in their heads. (that’s the best!)

All the comments in this thread are golden.

Via Things you have to explain to people who haven't worked in kitchens : KitchenConfidential.

What Can Men Do?

If you’re reading this, there’s about an 80% chance that you’re a man. So after you give me the secret man club handshake, let’s talk about what we men can do, right now, today, to make programming a more welcoming profession for women.

Also applies to the service industry, particularly in the kitchen. I’m not the only one who thinks this way (there are too many places you can find that. If you work in the service industry, you’ll know where to look.)


I need some. At least a few days off all my jobs. Somehow I ended up with four of them.

I want to sleep now because I don’t know if I’ll be able to once I’m dead.

Brings to mind Carlos Hank, doesn’t it?

Willimon paused in the retelling, intrigued all over again by the complexity of the situation. “That decision” — how to respond to a moment of public embarrassment and media distortion, how to counter, and outflank, the people who are trying to define, and defeat, you — “is the sort of thing Francis Underwood is thinking about all the time.”

via The Post-Hope Politics of ‘House of Cards’ –

Technological skill vs. Ego

The Phone Dragnet That Caught the World’s Top Drug Lord – Slashdot.
Anatomy of an Apprehension: The Three Keys to Catching El Chapo Guzman.

The first thing that popped into my mind was that most people purporting to be narcos will always use top of the line phones, usually iPhones. As cool as these things are, they are remarkably easy to poke full of holes if you’ve got the right toolset, just like governments do. That’s even before the arrest of a narco leads to government having physical possession of the device, and as we all know once someone has that, all bets are off.

It is specifically mentioned they were using satellite phones, all the more to avoid monitoring by Mexican carriers who deny any kind of monitoring takes place, but is widely rumored to be happening on a national scope. These phones are made for durability and reliability, not security, so the extraction of data was probably even easier.

The narco adoration of bling (their version of it) with expensive electronics (phones, computers, televisions, cars) is proving to be costing them victories, specially because most of the time they simply don’t know how how to use them.

Most of these people did not get any form of higher education. If they did, they did not learn how to use the technologies available to them properly. If they do know how to use it, they will usually stick to the most basic form of usage, as they do not care to learn more. Advanced functions like encryption would simply be done away with due to usage complexity.

Any sort of advanced usage would necessarily lead to the need of having a proper IT support staff, even if it’s just the one guy who fixes cartel computers. Having precisely such a thing would be completely out of the question, as then someone would have far more knowledge about a cartel’s operations than even the top boss does.

Another, more important factor, is ego. These people see themselves as guys who get stuff done, who want to be where the action is. To be left behind in a support role on a permanent basis is, put simply, inconceivable to them. Internal cartel divisions have started precisely because of this.

Hopefully now that el Chapo is back in custody, things will calm down… although it is very unlikely. One can only hope for the best.



It wasn’t until now that I looked. I realized it had been a while since I heard anything from you.

Far too little, far too late. I should’ve thought… but I had thought you had made it. I’m sorry.

Thank you.


No matter how much I try to get to sleep early, I just never can.

No matter how much effort I put into pursuing some… Relationship, it never pans out.

No matter. It will always be better as long as I keep my head down and put in the effort.

Plenty of people tell me I can sleep when I’m dead.

Do coke? You’re a little nazi sympathizer

But you can eat sustainably every day of your life and give to charity every year, and it all gets wiped out with one line of coke. Who cares if you were a nice guy if in your spare time you burned witches?

via Cocaine trafficking horrors: Users are complicit in the atrocities of the drug trade..

I know many, many people who think “what’s the harm in a little fun”, preferring marijuana, cocaine, or meth to alcohol or cigarrettes.

The difference lies not in the legality of any of the drugs. It lies in the suffering. People making alcohol usually love their jobs, lovingly making a product that people can rave about.

The others get made by poor people suffering under the yoke of violence and poverty, with the exception being the legal trade in recreational marijuana in some states.