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Brings to mind Carlos Hank, doesn’t it?

Willimon paused in the retelling, intrigued all over again by the complexity of the situation. “That decision” — how to respond to a moment of public embarrassment and media distortion, how to counter, and outflank, the people who are trying to define, and defeat, you — “is the sort of thing Francis Underwood is thinking… Read more »

Mississippi politicians

via Mississippi anti-gay segregation: Discrimination bill got unanimous bipartisan support.. Either legislators were shockingly negligent in the performance of their basic duty—reading the bills they vote on—or they were cruel enough to vote for a terrible bill and now too cowardly to stand by it. Either option is giving congresscritters in this state too much… Read more »

Doesn’t only apply to your twenties, I think

What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Enjoy Your 20′s – CollegeHumor Post. It’s all true.

Technological skill vs. Ego

The Phone Dragnet That Caught the World’s Top Drug Lord – Slashdot. Anatomy of an Apprehension: The Three Keys to Catching El Chapo Guzman. The first thing that popped into my mind was that most people purporting to be narcos will always use top of the line phones, usually iPhones. As cool as these things… Read more »

This is what it’s like for a woman

I love (and hate) dating Russian men – I got this from @feministripper. She knows what’s up.


It wasn’t until now that I looked. I realized it had been a while since I heard anything from you. Far too little, far too late. I should’ve thought… but I had thought you had made it. I’m sorry. Thank you.

In case you miss PHP

This module is like violence: if it doesn’t work, you just need more of it.


No matter how much I try to get to sleep early, I just never can. No matter how much effort I put into pursuing some… Relationship, it never pans out. No matter. It will always be better as long as I keep my head down and put in the effort. Plenty of people tell me… Read more »


What is exposed about you and your friends when you login with Facebook – Boing Boing. Just in case you needed something else to make you reticent of using Facebook for logging in to anything.

Do coke? You’re a little nazi sympathizer

But you can eat sustainably every day of your life and give to charity every year, and it all gets wiped out with one line of coke. Who cares if you were a nice guy if in your spare time you burned witches? via Cocaine trafficking horrors: Users are complicit in the atrocities of the… Read more »

Fixing a seemingly dead HP DV7 4060us

The Symptoms: System is a laptop, namely a HP Pavilion dv7-4060us Entertainment Notebook PC. Upon pressing the power button, CPU fan spins up, then spins down to nominal speeds, caps lock light blinks once per second, WLAN light is a solid yellow/amber, and the LCD screen does not power on at all (as opposed to… Read more »

This should be on the books

There was really no threat of invasion though. While the final battle between the Mexica and the Native/Spanish forces is often lumped together as the "Siege of Tenochtitlan" there were skirmishes and battles happening around the Lake Texcoco basin. via 400-Rabbits comments on What were the fortifications of Tenochtitlan before Cortés' conquest?. I had always… Read more »

Wallowing in it, in a bad way

My work has taken me on visits to a lot of classes. The thing that I have noticed is that a poor person will have zero idea what to do with a 401K should they get one. A rich person will have no idea how to cash a check if they don’t have a bank… Read more »

Same way you seduce any woman who is constantly standing on hard floors: rub her feet. The question is How do you seduce a lady chef ? over at KitchenConfidential.

On The Meaning of Meals and their future

Subtitled “the invention of the American meal,” Three Squares is an engaging and eye-opening look at the economic and cultural forces that have shaped the country’s shifting formats of consumption over time — and, in turn, the changing meanings and value judgments that Americans have attached to those eating patterns. The Meaning of Meals. As… Read more »

Musical redshift, I guess

This is Belgium Part Two: Cherry Moon On Valium on Vimeo via This is Belgium Part Two: Cherry Moon On Valium. Suddenly you realize dubstep was invented in the 90s. It just wasn’t called that yet.

Rip ‘em a new one!

Anatomy of a password disaster – Adobe’s giant-sized cryptographic blunder | Naked Security. I read a few things about this on twitter, and the one that most stuck with me went something like this: Out of the whole Adobe hack, the only people coming out looking good are the people who pirated Photoshop. I, for… Read more »

I’ll laugh when you get nuked too

#1: I will bring my progeny here and inform him that every thing that the light touches is our kingdom. #2: What about that dark area to the left? #1: That is Brooklyn, full of tattooed hipsters and the middle class, it is beyond our kingdom and he must never go there. via Goldman Sachs… Read more »

A quick read on the art of the siege

It’s easy to speculate that the Greeks avoided sieges for as long as they could because they had the sense to realise how nasty things could get. The ancient and medieval world was under no illusions about the misery of sieges. The Mongols made that common knowledge into a military tool. When they wanted a… Read more »

The primetime of password cracking life

How the Bible and YouTube are fueling the next frontier of password cracking | Ars Technica. It seems you’ll have to use *random* passphrases now… and even then you’re not fully safe.

Just in case you ever doubted FIFA actually cared

But please don’t take it from me – Fifa itself is increasingly clear on the matter. "I will say something crazy," declared its chillingly sane secretary general, Jérôme Valcke, back in April, "but less democracy is sometimes better for organising a World Cup." A statement that should for ever lay to rest Fifa’s nonsense about… Read more »

Spirits of food that has passed away

The three items on offer — cod, chocolate, and peanut butter — come from or are species that “may very well soon not be available to eat,” Simun explains. With the help of a wearable smell-dispensing device and an edible textural analogue, GhostFood truck customers will experience a simulation of a future phantom food. Ghost… Read more »