Tryna implement a state religion, is all

Of course, all of this ignores questions that start nagging in young minds, like: Is this really sincere? Is this really what Jesus meant by fellowship? Are these really the biggest problems in my country? What if America just isn’t meant to be that special? Shouldn’t I be feeling more? Shouldn’t my elders set a better example? What if this just isn’t me? Why can’t I be myself here? Do I have to be so smug about this? And then, if a kid dares to speak up, the consequences can be…rather unfriendly as he or

Real words written by Sarah: Sorry I Didn’t See You at the Pole! | Meh, it’s Sarah.

“What if America just isn’t meant to be that special?” is a question that makes a lot of mis/uninformed people in the United States panic.

We have to keep both sides on the line

Here’s a great read from a chef: Where Are All the Women Chefs? | The Feed

The loving, nurturing side of the trade, the instinctive side—and, I would say, the feminine side—is being forgotten.

Here in Minneapolis a few months ago the Mpls St Paul magazine ran a front page article about the 12 best restaurants in the state and the chefs who run them.

Except all of them were male:

The Best Restaurants
Mpls St. Paul Magazine cover

Obviously, people were not happy. It even brought about a non-apology from the magazine. And these are just the top results from a cursory search.

For cooking to retain its soul, we need both men and women to be in the kitchen. And wh

Malware you willingly decide to put on your devices, for their benefit

Time passed, Free to Play became a thing. I went from company to company. Each time, every new project became less and less about how we can do cool things, and more about how we can track and target users to get the most whales possible, boost chart position and retain users to shove as many ads on them as possible.

Source: “We Own You” – Confessions of an Anonymous Free to Play Producer | TouchArcade